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汪俐伶,自實踐大學服裝設計系至倫敦中央聖馬丁學院未來材質(Textile Futures)所就讀期間,致力於研究科技材質,如服裝魔術師般,以前衛素材與異材質,詮釋東方哲學所重視的「天地人三才合一ヽ順應自然四時」,尋找科技ヽ機能ヽ時尚ヽ人體的黃金交叉點,帶來既呼應時代亦通往未來的「機能性高科技時尚」(fashionable & wearable technology)。個人品牌WANGLILING於2016年創立,曾獲Style Fashion Week NY贊助,站上紐約時裝周,於全球38國發行的權威時尚刊物《Schön!》以「令人嘆為觀止」(showstoppers)形容其設計。曾為南京青年奧運太陽宮開幕式ヽ《十面埋伏》舞台劇ヽ林憶蓮ヽ蕭煌奇及趙傳演唱會設計服裝,以及為霹靂布袋戲主角素還真30周年藝術科幻特展打造新形象,並與董陽孜老師合作讀衣四,與日本藤原大老師合作紅毯禮服系列和與國際策展人中牟田洋一於巴黎展出東方意識流展覽。名列《Taiwan Tatler》《PRESTIGE TAIWAN》「40 UNDER 40 世代新領袖」。大膽創新與對未來無懼的前瞻性眼光,演繹出前所未見的科技幻彩中國風,在時尚圈備受矚目。

Brand Story

WANGLILING- its brand logo is inspired by the infinite rotation of the alphabet W, which can be showcased either as 3 or E, meshed beautifully as the structure of human body nerves systems. WANGLILING, the brand was established to recreate the old Chinese arts with new western modern elements to describe the love attraction between human bodies and dresses. The brand showcases a balanced ancient unique Chinese beauty with new chic spirits. The brand is featured by its finesse of arranging lights and shadows beautifully to create different lighting effects.

Designer Introduction

Wang, Li Ling was born in Taipei in 1984. During her studies at Shih Chien and Central Saint Martins universities, she developed a vivid interest in futuristic materials which influenced her current style. Her brand “WANGLILING” was established in 2016 and specializes in new materials. Li-Ling has been referred to as one of Asia’s most significant fashion queens, also nominated as the most influential successful entrepreneurs "40 UNDER 40" in Asia by "TAIWAN TATLER" and "PRESTIGE Magazine”. She is determined to embark on a modern era of eastern culture and design revolution. Known for the amusing construction of functional fabric, that blur the lines between east classic and modern chic. Her bold innovative design, and fearless completeness of vision that have drawn attention in the international fashion industry, and she has been selected as one of the favorite designer by “Schön! Magazine”. Moreover, it also showcases a glowing fashion wave fused with luxury, new technology and oriental flavors.

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